Guest Blog by Michele Heller

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I met Michele Heller in Washington DC at the Blue Vision Summit.
She is driven with passion and excitement for our oceans. This is what she would like to share:

“As a marine biologist, conservationist, photographer and avid SCUBA diver, I see sharks differently than most people and it is my passion to find a way to change the general publics perception of sharks. My master’s thesis at Scripps Institution of Oceanography is an exploration of effective messaging for shark conservation. Basically, how would one present or market sharks in a way that moves past the fear and changes the way people feel about them in order to educate, inspire and motivate people to take a stand and do their part to protect sharks. Preliminary findings are showing that we need to step away from traditional methods used by NGO’s and tap into things that appeal to people by bridging the gap between music, art, sports, pop culture, etc. We need to collaborate more, focus on educating our youth, use social media to it’s fullest potential and most importantly, create messaging techniques that make conservation fun and funny, exciting and cool!” For more information, please contact Michele Heller at mheller21@gmail.com”


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