Hot Sails Maui: New Sponsor!

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Anne-Marie Reichman surf windsurf SUP Sunset beach Maui Hotsails

Let me introduce to you my new Sail Sponsor: ‘Hot Sails Maui’.
On my last trip to Maui I met Jeff Henderson who runs this company with a lot of passion for windsurfing and creativity.
I was looking for a sail company to keep me on the water windsurfing as windsurfing is my ‘first love’ even though I am not “only” focused on this sport the way I used to being a pro. My lifestyle is still number one, but I am making the transition from pro windsurf athlete to semi-pro-all around water sports athlete-ambassador-promotor-ocean-lover-inspirer- event organizer- artist.
Having competed on Maui for many years, Jeff did not need an introduction of who I am or what I do as he has recognized the ‘eternal windsurfer’ since years back. He knows my style on the water and the way I spread ‘my vibe, Aloha and my word’ on the beach as well as in various media outlets I use to share what I do and I am passionate about. We both came to great ideas how to promote this awesome sport in waves, flat water and different places in the world I roam around.
I received one of the new sail models “the K3” to use and I have the opportunity to come up with an AM-designed windsurfing sail. It will be a personal color combination but what the outcome will be, I have no idea as yet (as most as my paintings before I have started). It will be the first time I will windsurf my very own AM-sail and for that I am excited already.
Windsurfing (wave riding) on Maui at Hookipa beach is ‘da best’ (a lot of fun!). Riding waves else where in the world on my my 70 liter Starboard quad (short windsurf board) as well;) Living more in California, Monterey than Maui these days, there is less of these type conditions. There are beautiful waves, but the wind is different; more onshore or very light… I find myself surfing, shaping (my surfboards) and stand up paddling more in the Monterey area. It is great learning about the ocean in different areas, different beaches and in a different way than through the sport I used to do for hours and days on end only (windsurfing). Still… I have missed ‘holding a boom’ in the surf over here.
Talking to Jeff, I realized I can still windsurf on a SUP board; riding the sup board like a long board and using the sail to catch a lot of waves; the way it started (the windsurf sport was invented) way back in the days when ‘one’ figured a way to get back out to the waves instead of paddling back out.
For more about Hot Sails Maui and my profile on their site, please go to: http://blog.hotsailsmaui.com/ned/anne-marie-reichman/


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