Jelly Fish

posted on augustus 5th 2014 in Uncategorized with 0 Comments

Anne-Marie Reichman surf windsurf SUP Sunset beach gellyfish

Stand Up Paddling this morning I encountered many of these beautiful jelly fish. I ve heard that they sting – and out of fear – used to keep my fair distance “what if”… I have turned my approach around and now think. What if I dont come closer, I may miss out on a beautiful experience so I came closer to be next to them giving myself the time and enjoyment to check them out. How beautiful! The Dutch-Orange color resonates and also the endless tentacles. Some visible, some barely – how ever there. The beauty of this creature so complex and simply floating with the currents reflected on me that love and beauty is represented in the things we see and the things we barely notice. Love can overcome fear once we are willing to take a look at it for ourselves.


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