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Aloha Friday on Maui


It is Aloha Friday the 5th of June and I am very excited. I am back ‘home’ on Maui where I can see, smell and feel Aloha everywhere. I am also very excited, because I made it here to attend a special event: In exactly 2 days, Sunday the 7th my friend Paige Alms will be starring in her documentary “The Wave I ride” at the Maui Film Festival in Wailea; an incredible milestone in her career.
Well, talking about milestones in her career: Paige won the XXL Big Wave Awards in May for the best female performance earlier this year. She also attended the red carpet being in the running to win the ESPN female action sports performance of the year!Image 2

Shortly after landing, I pick up my rental truck and make my way over to Tiff and Paul in Haiku, whom I will be staying with the majority of my 5-day trip. I would have gone up to the storage shed to grab my gear (surf, sup and windsurf), but “Blondie” here forgot her keys on the mainland. ‘Borrowed gear’ it is! Tiffany tells me we will be making leis for Paige’s celebration, but first off all there is a south swell to be enjoyed. On our way over we’re texting Paige to check in about some last minute planning and logistics. She’s on her way to the spa with mum Harriet, to get some relaxation going. It is Aloha Friday on Maui and I am very thankful. What else could I have asked for than landing back on island and missioning west with boards, bikini’s and friends the same afternoon?


A big day before ‘the big day’IMG_5272


Saturday is an action packed day. My heart schedules my first meeting with the warm blue ocean at Ho’okipa. The earlier the better… Going to the board rack, Pauls 6’3 ‘Totah Surfboard” had fallen on the ground ready for me to pick up and use. It is a bit big and thick for me, but my hubby shaped it and I end up having a great session on it! I am lucky with the beautiful weather and a new little north swell bump. I meet Paige at the beach as she fits in a quick sanity sesh. She is busy and has a lot going on between Wailea, Haiku and everything in between. A 2nd surf session, a windsurf session and a birthday celebration later give me the best day on Maui already with more to come. “If you get this text, ur on the list, and better be there,” Paige texts her group of friends. There is a party flyer type picture attached of her getting pitted at Peahi. DJ Blast will be providing ‘duff duff tunes’ and I am stoked to read that all door fees will go to the Maui Surfer Girls Camps in July! Chanting ‘we are on the list’, Tiff and I walk in the door at Charley’s in Paia a little after 10 pm to see Paige radiant in the midst of her many awesome and loving homies. It is so good to see everyone, feel the love and celebrate with some drinks and dances! Good Times.



The Wave I Ride IMG_5438


Waking up somewhat groggy the following morning, I realize “today is the day of Paige and her movie premiere”. The island is buzzing with pride and support for ‘their surfer girl’ and social media is blowing up once again.
Picking flowers and making leis with Tiff and Olive (her dog) is my warm up for the evening. Friends Kelly and Julia already went ahead with blankets and chairs to safe us a spot at the outdoors cinema. About 2500 people are gathered, the sun has set and a clear bright sky is filled with thousands of stars. Everyone is thankful for these conditions since a heavy down pour was happening a few hours earlier. Rain is a sign of blessing in Hawaii. Paige received an ‘uber blessing’ with this down-pore and it did not stop there. When Paige stars on the screen, stars are falling out of the sky through out the movie. Whistles and cheers from the public accompany the stars. Stars are greeting the star that is shining bright amongst us all.



The wave Paige rides is her love and passion for surfing and in particularly Big Wave surfing. She will do and has done everything to be where she wants to be. In the movie you will get a vivid image of the barriers Paige needs to overcome to pursue her dreams. Her positivity, her passion, her strong believe in goal setting, enjoying the good times and being thankful in life, is her answer. Her love for surfing, fiancée & shaper   Sean Ordonez, her dog Mocha and the beautiful island of Maui are very well captured with incredible footage shown beautifully by the Director Devyn Bisson. This movie excites and inspires surfers and non-surfers, men, women, boys and girls. The waves Paige charges are just as impressive and jaw dropping as her brutal hold-downs when Peahi throws 50 ft faces of white water over her. IMG_5336
The support of her mum Harriet, Sean, trainers and friends play a big role in the movie as well.
Big wave surfers Keala Kennelly, Greg Long, multiple World Champion surfing Carissa Moore and Maui friends share their admiration and respect for all she does and accomplishes. What I love about Paige is her ability to focus on herself to be the best she can be while being a good person to others and our planet by giving back and giving love. You can see her maintaining a self-sustainable garden at her home in Haiku. She also visits her old classroom with her giant pink gun; talking about living dreams and goal setting with the kids. Towards the end of the movie, Paige checks her instagram and shows that the surfing world is somewhat distracted by an ‘asstastic’ era where butt shots speak louder than the true action on the water in some cases. There is no judgment, just food for thought…

Paige: “Devin portrait me really well; what I do and how I am. The most challenging part about the documentary was having someone film everything about your life for weeks on end. I hope everyone likes the movie and that it may open their eyes and go after their passion”


What is the wave you ride?IMG_2066


Working on her movie Paige invited others to share ‘their wave’ in life. Check out #thewaveiride on istagram. Off course I wanted to support this project and received the banner in the mail in California; a place fairly new to me.
A place that needs to become home mixed in with some ‘curve balls’ thrown by life had me spinning in circles. I was looking hard for the right ‘perspective’ to find my flow again. Supporting Paige her project it made me realize I supported myself making my personal dream clear and vivid. The wave I ride is a combination of many things I love which can be blurry at times. Looking at my ride, it also helped me to realize what I could let go. Life is all about perspective and timing. I am thankful for the opportunity to compose the picture for The Wave I Ride as well as having a friend like Paige in my life.
When you haven’t answered yet, the question remains: “What is the wave You ride”?

Sponsored by the Sun Image 4


It is a beautiful fact that the Maui Film Festival is powered by solar energy for 6 years in a row now. Brad Albert, founder of Rising Sun Solar and Ho’okipa lifeguard Kaleo Amadeo spoke to all 2500 spectators and attended all of us to our responsibilities towards the health for the one and only planet we share. Solar energy is clean energy. The sun shines every day at the Haleakala, Maui’s Volcano that means “House of the Sun”. Maui wants to show the world that when an island can be self –sustainable, the entire world can. There are developments about storing sun energy, so we can use its power even when the sun does not shine. These developments give hope for our world and I am a firm believer we can make a shift together. We can use Solar Power, Wind power, Using reusable products like Dopper in able to reduce our trash tremendously. It is a movement that works when we are all in it.


Last night on Maui being roomies again

 Image 1

Time flies when you are having fun! It’s already Tuesday a few days after the movie. Tomorrow I fly back to California. Sean and Paige have opened their homes and hearts many times for me being their ‘roomie’. Even though it is a crazy busy time for them, we squeeze in one night this 5 day trip. “The Maui Times” lays on the table where Paige and her movie feature. Mocha is jumping all over me with excitement like usual and I am too happy about that to even try to calm her down. Paige her legendary barrel ‘hangs‘ in their home mixed in with some motivational affirmations, art and equally legendary pictures of Sean being a life-long athlete and artist. We end up chatting about life like usual and the vibe is True Blue like always.

Knowing tomorrow I will get one more ‘dawny’ in and secretly dreading the fact of leaving my beloved Maui, I am very thankful, I was able to fly out and share Paige’s dream and her Ohana.Image 3

Living dreams can be anything and everything. Some dreams are bigger than others and some accomplishments crazier than others. It is an art in life to keep your eyes and ears open for every living dream we are part of every second and minute of the day. This varies from being able to breath to creating the dreams we want to live.


















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