Morning cupper at the beach

posted on november 21st 2013 in Uncategorized with 1 Comments

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I love to start my day at the beach. Bringing my cupper, snacks and boards to ride, Im a “happy camper”. Right now I see the each empty. No one out, small (still ride-able waves) and its gray ominous feeling out. A beach walk it will be. This beach is known for its breading grounds of “great whites” so that is something to think of here. I also see many dolphins here who are amazing and feel like friends an protective (even though I feel friendly towards sharks as well!) The other day I found a seal chopped in half (I found one half). There are days I do go out alone here, but today is not that day. I like to listen to that little voice within (and that also counts for making “land-decisions”). Perhaps the mood will change later or more friends will show up. As for now I ll enjoy the beach, the ocean- fresh air, a walk in the sand and perhaps find some nice pieces of driftwood (canvasses!) and sea glass.


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  • Audrey Meyer

    commented on 31 mei 2015 at 6:46 am

    It’s Audrey, one of your students from today at the beach. My first time to ever to surf and you helped me,Thank-you for that. I hope to meet again and talk more. Also, I saw your artwork/master pieces, Absolutely beautiful! It inspires me to think more (and want to paint) of the ocean, nature, and surfing. I hope soon to get a website up so you can visit it. I’ll tell people about you. God Bless!



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