Sharing is Caring

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Sharing is Caring

On September 19th it is “California Coastal Cleanup Day”, part of the World Wide Cleanup Day created by Ocean Conservancy to clean the world’s beaches, rivers, wetlands, lakes etc.

Being a water-woman “riding for cleaner Oceans” with Dopper, I am instantly all ears and eyes. I connect with Surfrider Foundation California and they connect me with Alison Goss, head of the Surfrider Foundation Monterey Chapter. She instantly loves Dopper and we are both excited about the idea of handing out some reusable Dopper bottles for some deserving volunteers.


When I show up around 9am with my friend Jacqui, we see ‘this person’ fiercely hiking around in the fields carrying out a huge piece of wood. I was thinking to myself “way to go!” It was Alison. Most volunteers had arrived early and were already on the go with buckets and gloves to clean up the beach. My back had gone out 2 days before and I could barely walk. How ever, I wanted to be there to support the clean up and represent.

Giggling at myself , I look like an old lady, I make it to the other side of the dune and spot plastic and trash from miles away with my ‘eagle eye’. Surfer buddy Jacqui, who knows how hard it is for me to be out of action, decides firmly she will do the picking and bending and I just have to point out the rubbish. I agree to agree and decide to find the humor in the situation once again. My approach with this injury is: Let’s see what happens when I stay positive and happy during this recovery time. Mind you, surfing, supping, windsurfing and any activity at all is normally my ‘to go to happy place’. Whenever I feel a little mrrrpy not knowing how long this recovery is going to take (or another possibly worrying thought), I find thousands of items, situations, and other healthy areas in my life to be thankful for. Did you know, your brain is able to focus on only 1 thought at the time? YOU and I can decide what type of thought that is: a positive or a negative one. It sounds so simple and with some practice, it becomes more easy. Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 1.41.48 PM

When it comes to fragile bodies, it is also important to listen to your body. Normally walking a fast past, having a shortage on hands and feet to grab enough trash, I now request to sit down on the beach and take a breather.
We see whales and dolphins when we look out to sea. A flog of birds that look like snow plovers catches our eye and the warm sun is relaxing my back muscles. I close my eyes and let the ‘realigning’ healing ocean air surround me and I am thankful once again to have these elements in my life. I am soooo lucky in many ways!

Off course the both of us can’t sit still for too long and we make it back to the Surfrider table with our bucket full with trash. Alison sends the troops out once more to reunite at 11:30
Within 3 hours there is a huge pile of trash gathered thanks to 2 Scout teams from Salinas and random volunteers living from Monterey all the way up to San Jose. photo 3

Alison gives me the word to talk about Dopper, their initiative for cleaner oceans and mostly their message “The Bottle IS the Message”. We look at the pile of trash and sincerely hope that these piles of trash will be reduced in the near future when we all (all us humans) will reuse our bottles, cups and food containers on a daily base. Plus we also hope more people will become more conscious about reducing their personal trash.Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 1.39.34 PM

Alison thanks all of us for helping and she also gives everyone props of giving back. I love it how she mentions that Our Planet gives us SO much on a daily base: day light, warmth, rain, sunshine, cool days, snow, nature and the list goes on. By helping cleaning up our beaches and cities, we help Mother Nature; which feels GOOOOD.

Do you like to feel this good? Go outside and start picking up some trash or…Google clean ups in your area via these links.






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