Surfboards give you the opportunity to ride waves in the almighty Ocean. Surfboards are amazing, fun, ‘tools’, art objects, magic blades, your best friend, ‘a piece of shit’ (I’ve heard it 😉 and most likely ‘a creation from the heart’ when made by shapers and builders who love what they do.

Eric flying with the birds

Lifestyle & Feeling

Surfers (windsurfers, suppers, kiters, body boarders, bodysurfers) live for the ocean, the tides, the swells and ‘that moment’ to be at the beach, to be free, to play, to look at the ocean mind surfing the waves, to ‘talk story’, to be in the ocean, to be part of the elements that are bigger than themselves, to submerse their being in salt water and feel insta-better, to be in the moment and connect with oneself, to be surprised and in awe by sea life, to stay active and healthy and off course as a cherry on top; to ride that perfect wave in perfect conditions with some ‘homies’ to share the stoke with. Riding Nature’s Creations’ in big bodies of waters, which is quite special when you think about it.


Surfers experience the environment ‘first hand’ and notice its breath taking magic or its polluted state when plastic is floating around and animals hurting. The majority of surfers are very respectful to the Ocean and beaches because it’s their sanctuary; their happy place, their paradise. Surfers feel strongly connected to the ocean. When the ocean hurts, it hurts them. At least, that’s how it is for me.
I believe it is the reason why a lot of surfers are stepping up to the plate these days to create awareness via all kinds of media, organize beach clean ups and develop ideas and equipment to restore the balance in the Ocean.

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Surfers need surfboards. Surfboards are made of foam, cloth, resin and some other pieces like leash plugs, fin boxes, etc. The separate materials are not the cleanest for our planet. Clean work ethics and reusing where possible always makes a difference. And I can say that “Paradise Glassing” is doing a great job. Surfboards ARE durable products and are made to last for years!

Surfboards are durable and are reused often!

Most surfboards are bought by its first owner, then sold and reused to a new owner(s) before that sentimental piece of material decorates your wall like a trophy or resembles a piece of freedom before ‘that young surfer grom’ needs something to learn how to surf on. Old surfboards are rather given away than sent of to the dump. And even there they are saved in many occasions. I see on Maui how old surfboards (and windsurf boards) make great fences as well. Talk about ‘reusing’! Even when a surfboard snaps in half during a session, there is always someone who likes to spend a little money on a repair job to score a new board.

The Crew at Paradise Glassing

About 3.5 years ago, my other half Eric Totah started working at “Paradise Glassing” owned by Mark Brown in Watsonville California. In previous years when living on Maui Eric had shaped about 450 boards and built hundreds of boards before learning how to shape. At Paradise Glassing different surfboard brands are being built: ‘Vernor Surfboards’, ‘Coreboards’, ‘Root one’, ‘Totah Surfboards’, some other ‘backyard shapers’ and about a dozen ‘AMVRT’ boards have moved through the shop as well :)


How do you make a board? I put a little video clip together to show some quick basics in shaping, cutting the fins, setting the leash plug and fins, laminating, grinding the laps, hot coating and sanding.

My first board started with a question from my awesome other half Eric ~ Totahsurfboards

A few years ago Eric asked me if I wanted to make my own surfboard. That question made me smile and that first board made tasted like more. There are a lot of steps involved and every step requires “practice makes perfect” specific handcrafts. It is sometimes nerve wrecking and mistakes are easily made. It is huge Eric is there to teach me how to do these steps. I am thankful for the opportunity. I take it ‘one board at the time’ wanting to enjoy the process of learning something new. I have always loved working with tools and have loved the flow of lines and curves in my artwork. At this point I made 14 boards. 2 Boards for other surfer girls and some of my own used boards have been sold via local surf shops used by female surfers. I would love to make some windsurfboards as well being on Maui at the moment and being all stoked on my ‘old love’.

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Labor of Love

Making surfboards is a labor of LOVE. A lot of time, effort and ‘handwork’ will go into the entire process and the profit is marginal at the end of the journey. How ever, there is a profit and it is a job that keeps connected to the Stoke of surfing and the healthy salty ‘always changing’ beautiful Ocean.



Photography by Anne Dokter


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