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Anne-Marie Reichman surf windsurf SUP Sunset beach trash

Many places I go I find trash that humans leave behind. I do take trash away from the beaches – my play ground – and today I picked up rubbish on the tennis court as I hit some balls before surfing in Santa Cruz. It makes me mad to see that animals (possums, birds, skunks, insects) ate the plastic bag I found, that may very well make them sick because “we” humans are to lazy? I was thinking later how I can look at this from the “bright side” because there is always that side when u keep looking. I guess its good I found it also picking up empty take out coffee cups and more plastic to give an example. Writing my blog about it can also help create more awareness and hopefully inspire more humans. “Go Green” is a lifestyle we can all take part in. Playing tennis was a blast by the way:)


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